Captivating Capri, Italy

The famous Faraglioni (Ones of the Light) rock formation on Capri

Capri is captivating...great dining, people watching, shopping and sight seeing all on a beautiful small island. At the end of this post I will tell you how to travel to Capri and how to see the sites.  Although we'd prefer to say "capri" like the pants, the correct pronunciation is "KAHpree".  Yes, the capri pants were made trends by Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis (she ordered many of them in the same color) who'd buy many pairs of these cool fashion items.   Caprese salad was also invented here.  Sophia Loren and Jackie Onassis purchased their handmade sandals here by artisans who are still making them today.  Giada De Laurentis often talks about her grandfather,  Director Dino De Laurentis, entertaining many celebrities on the Island.

A statue greets visitors to the Island (above left and middle).  Boats and shops line the lower streets in the Marina Grande.

A quick ride on the Funiculare takes you up to the upper level, main piazza in Capri.

The center of Capri in the main piazza is where all of the action takes place.  There's plenty of people watching from the 5 Star Hotel Quisiana (left) on Via Camerelle and the world famous main square, the Piazetta (right top and bottom).  Naturally the town shuts down for afternoon break in late afternoon but opens up again for supper and late night dinners like most of Italy.  

The designer boutiques, boutique hotels and fine restaurants make it appealing to the rich and famous but everyone goes to view the scenic beauty of the Island.  La Palma Hotel lower middle photo along the Via Krupp.

On the other side of the island is the view from the Gardens of Augustus, just a 10 minute walk from the main street.

View from the Augustus Gardens overlook...Via Krupp walking pathways lead all the way to the Marina Piccolo.

The Augustine Gardens have the best view of the other side of the island.  The mild mediterranean climate is perfect for growing year round flowers and the many lemon trees growing on the Island.  To get to the Augustine Gardens, walk through the main street of Capri past the Hotel Quisiana (stay to the right on Via Krupp) to the end of the path...head right, past the Perfumerie and attractive lemon granita (shaved ice) kiosk and soon you'll come to the Gardens.   It cost 2 euros to enter the grounds.  Here you'll see some of the best views of the Island.


The lovely walkway to the Augustine Gardens and the famous Perfumerie Carthusia along the way.

Taking a trip on a boat around the island is an inexpensive way to view the many rock caves and grottos.  Upper left:  the back side of the island (Sophia Loren's villa); middle: one of the many villas; and upper right: the Blue Grotto where the men take you from your larger boat to a smaller boat to enter the caves.  

How to get to Capri:  Boats are the only means of transportation to the Island since there is no airport.  Just catch one of the Ferries or Hydrofoils to the Island from Naples or Sorrento.  They arrive in the Marina Grande where there are many shops and cafes.  You can take an open taxi to the top of the hill to the main part of town or walk across the street from the boat dock and take the Funiculare.  
Boat Cost:  Ferry from Sorrento to Capri cost 16 euros.  It took 25 minutes from Sorrento and about 35 minutes form Capri to Naples.  Make sure you inform them you have luggage because there is an additional fee.
OpenTaxi cost: 20 euros from the port of Capri to the top of Capri, center of town. 
Funiculare cost: 1.8 euros from the port to the top of Capri, the center of town.
Taxi from port of Naples to the Napoli Centrale Train Station was 11 euros.

Note:  When you arrive in Capri there are small trucks that will take your luggage for 11 euros to your hotel so you don't have to carry them.  However, if you take a taxi, the luggage is included in the 20 euro fee.

Boat trip around the Island:  Take the Lasercapri boat from the Marina Grande which is only 16 euros for nearly wo hours. Well worth the money but it will cost you extra if you get off the boat to go into the Blue Grotto cave.  The cave fees are 12 euros if you choose to go in.

Beautiful scenic views, crystal clear waters, tasty foods, sidewalk cafes, villas and more all at Capri.  

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