Perfect Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Top photo: My view was from the grand Hotel La Sirenuse 
The beautiful church dome is "golden"

Whatever you've heard about Positano has to be's gorgeous, vivacious and just one of the happiest places on earth (exquisite food, shops, people watching, artisans, etc.).  I have to watch the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" again to see where "Frances" found her "Marcello" on the balcony with his "other" girlfriend. Positano is in the Campania region (not Tuscany) and considered part of the Amalfi Coast.  At the end of this post, you'll see information on how to travel to Positano.

We dined at Cafe Positano which was mid to upper town level and had these great views of the beach and town.


View from our boat

There are many street "levels" that wind up the hills of Positano.  Be sure to walk up as far as you can to see the views and visit the artisan shops such as the Perfumarie d' Positano for soaps and a great pottery shop next door where the owner glazes her own ceramics.  

Above left: Profumi di Positano owner and his shop where his family has been making olive oil and lemon soaps such as those lower right for many years;  lower left: a pretty hotel and vines.  


The narrow streets and walkways make the town very charming.


La Sirenuse Hotel has been named one of the best hotels in the world.

I took these photos at the La Sirenuse Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel catering to the very rich and famous.  Even they have manicured lemon trees on the premises much like most of the hotels on the Amalfi Coast.  La Sirenuse Blog  La Sirenuse  WEBCAM

I loved this house with the pretty flowers and there's a water fountain just out of sight.  It had a view of the Positano cliffs and very near the Cafe Positano.

Quaint window fronts, always something around the corner to see...

So many charming steps in Positano (lower three photos) that lead to more charming shops or villas.  Upper photo is from Capri.

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How to travel to Positano: 
The trains don't go to Positano.  Take a Circumvesuviana (local) train from Naples to Sorrento or Salerno.  From these towns you will need to take a local bus, a boat or private car to Positano.  There are many buses.  It's a very steep ride so unless you're really experienced driving the narrow roads, leave it up to the professional drivers.  

We took the boat from Sorrento to Positano (35 minutes; 26 euros each round trip); purchase tickets at the Marina in Sorrento.  Luggage will cost a small fee, just be sure to purchase prior to getting to the boat.   The boat is a great way to see the village views from the sea.  If you're staying in Sorrento or Amalfi area, most of the hotels will have the boat and bus schedules.  

Ferry/Hydrofoil Boats Website

 Let me know if this was helpful if you're traveling to Positano.  Thanks for reading.


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  2. Certainly one the most beautiful cliff lines in the world! Those multi-colored cliff houses are amazing!

  3. The pictures are looking great! I can't imagine how cool it must be to stay on those slopes. Does the sun rise or set over there? Must be an amazing view.


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