Re-Visiting Venice!

Venice is one of the busiest cities in Italy along with Rome but its a very do-able day trip. Be sure to go on a weekday in the off season so it's less crowded.  If you arrive by train from Florence (2 hrs.) or Milan (2.5 hours), you'll disembark at the main station.  Then head left directly out of the station to the Grand Canal.  Here you'll have a choice of vaporettos (water taxi)...depending on what you prefer.  Since this was my third trip to Venice, I wanted to photograph the hidden treasures but still took the water taxi to the St. Marks Square marina.  Then we walked back through the little streets to the Rialto bridge for lunch and where a water taxi can take you back to the main station.  

The green pin is the train station where you catch the vaporetto.  The boat will take you along the canal to the St. Marks stop.  See the red pin below.  The red pin above shows the Rialto Bridge where you can walk back to from the square and catch the vaporetto back to the train station.

Stop here (red) to visit the St. Marks Square, Basilica and don't miss Harry's Bar right on the corner.  

Easy to walk and there's many tiny streets that lead back to the main canal.

The Venetian architecture has been influenced by Gothic style similar to the Milano Duomo as well as Moorish styles. 

The historic famous Casino di Venezia, one of only five casinos in Italy.

The Rialto Bridge--a great area to sit and have a great lunch in an outdoor cafe.  Take the water taxi back to the main train station.

Stop by Harry's Bar for a breatk...they serve the original Bellini.  
See my post here about the drink and the famous bar.

Nearing the main marina...

When you reach the Square on foot, take time to appreciate all that it offers.

Gorgeous mosaic murals.

Once you've seen the square and Duomo, walk the little streets to go back to the Rialto Bridge.  During your walk you'll come upon some very unique boutiques and designer shoppes.  Have fun looking, shopping and eating!


Grab some lunch near the Rialto or other open area.  The food always seems so fresh and delicious.


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