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In honor of that wonderful lovers day coming in February, here are a few things I've seen lately... lavendar gift box by Etsy crafter Signora Luna, Harrod's Chocolates, Belgian Godiva Chocolates and Euro cottages, floating Hydrangeas from Country Farmhouse. Continue below...

Italians love chocolate and celebrate at the Perugia Chocolate Festival every October;  popular Italian Ferroche Chocolates, Venice flowers and St. Marks' Cathedral.

Victoria Mag bottom left; Flowers by Deborah Fay of Long Beach

Heart Boxes by Etsy's Paper Primrose; Chocolate (upper right) by Sweet Temptations; Venice flower boxes

Paper Primrose Journals;  Coastal Living shell cactus;  I love Paris by Magalerie

Fine Papers and gifts from Abbot Kinney St., Venice, CA.;  Deborah Fay shop; Lavendar Hydrangeas by Belle Decor, my London photos

Euro Etsy

See more Euro destinations and flowers at my


  1. Winter gives the false impression that the only people interested in the beach are local joggers. While seaside tourism is very much in evidence, in Le Marché it’s still mainly Italian.


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