The Best Gelato in Italy

I've enjoyed gelato in Rome, Portofino, Venice, Sorrento, Lucca, and many other cities in Italy.  Its rich and delicious but contains less fat than regular ice cream.  Gelato is made with water, milk, eggs, cream, sugar, cocoa, fruit and more.  There's nothing like its refreshing taste during those hot days while you're on scenic walks or window shopping.  The gelato freezer case above was the most unique one I've ever seen.  It twirled around so you could see each selection.  This gelato shop was in Sorrento.  But the best Gelato I've ever eaten was in...

Capri Italy where the crowds line up to wait for this delightful desert.

Buonocare Gelateria on the main walkway (near Hotel La Palma), is the best Gelato I've had in Italy.  There's just something about it that many people crave and there's always a line in the daytime.  Lining up for one of these is not a bad thing, its worth the wait...fresh waffle cones and the rich, velvety gelato.  We sneaked in the evening so there was no line and it was devine!  But gelato is wonderful no matter where you get it...
Here's a very review of the Gelateria place

Unique gelato in Positano

This couple in Sorrento was very proud of their handmade Gelati

Lugano Gelato


Capri also serves Granita, a shaved ice drink that cures your ails on a hot day.

Fresh squeezed Pompei fruit abounds in the Amalfi Coast area as well as Capri.


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