Photo Tips for Posts and Blogs (Effects)

These design and photo tips may help you post on facebook or your first blog posts.  We all have to start somewhere. Try different effects depending on the statement you're trying to make in your post. Upper left is the original photo of this home in France.  Read on to see how the effects were created and more design tricks...

The other three photos (above) are variations using the Pixlr On Line Image Editor.  I used a soft overlay on the bottom right photo; canvas effects and vintage overlay on the bottom left photo; and torn paper and vignette borders on top right with a subtle overlay.  I think the top right photo appears much more dramatic, bottom left more artsy and bottom right photo appears to be romantic using these effects. Again, you have to experiment with these programs to give you different effects.  

Here's another photo:


The top photo of a flea market scene in France is the original the bottom photo I used soft effects and a vignette dark edge photo border.  It didn't dramatically change the photo just softened it.

This is a vintage overlay and a paper effect in Pixlr Online Image Editor to make the bottom photo appear older or shabby chic.

I used the canvas look on this entire collage, adding text in the bottom right corner.
I also subdued the color and used some lighting coming from the right 

Lower left is the original photo; upper left, I used a photo effect; and the right photo, I used a soft overlay with the focal point in the middle which blurred the edges and I lightened it. 


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