The Street Vendors of Italy


The street vendors in Italy are some of the best in's my favorite Chestnut vendor in Rome. You can smell these a mile away.  The most popular vendors in the hot weather are the cold fruit drinks.

I love Rome and the Roman ruins in the off-season!   The chestnut vendors are nearby....

Lugano Market Pumpkins

Lavendar in Lugano

Lugano Chestnut Vendor

Granita, this is the greatest smooth iced drink made from the freshest fruits especially lemons, blood oranges and oranges.  These are obviously located at Pompeii.

Wandering musician in Lucca, Italy

Looking on the town below Orvieto, It.

The fresh cocoanut and garlic knots, Pisa, It.

My favorite flower vendors in Milano.

Not really a street vendor, but he sort of hangs out in this London street a lot!

It's not uncommon to see sandal makers in Positano and Capri.

Ciao photos.
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