Costa Concordia: One Year Later

One year after the Italian ocean liner, Costa Concordia, hit rocks close to Giglia, Italy's shore, the work continues to remove it from the water. Thirty two died of the 4,252 passengers. The Captain was doing a ‘sail by salute’ and has defended his navigation, saying he was ‘familiar with the seabed’ and that he hit the rocks, known as Le Scole, because they were not on his navigation charts. He is accused of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship. The crew and survivors gathered at the site this week to honor those who lost their lives (photo below). See...

Daily Mail 

Photos: Double image of a local resident and the town of Giglia; the ship's bell underwater; the master violinist who lost his life playing his violin while passengers were escaping; another man above right, had visited the Roman Coliseum previous to the wreck.  Read more about the wreck and year anniversary.


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