Olive Oil, Central Valley, CA.

Just another wonderful Saturday in the Central Valley of California, I ventured over to the Bari Olive Oil Company, near Kingsburg, CA..  Wow, what a great operation they have to view.  Why don't I venture out more to see the bountiful harvest that our great State of California has to offer?

As I drove up, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful blooming fruit and olive tress lining the large driveway.  An orange and yellow Bari sign in front tells you this is the place.  The small gift shop area has more than enough traditional and infused oil varieties.  There are generous amounts of oils for the tasting.  Try as many as you like with a morsel of french bread, yummy-licious! 

Small but plenty!

This olive tree greets you at the door!

Upper left photo:  Bari olive oil and pouring cans. 

 Bari Olive Oil Company products, gift ideas and such cute wrap!
What a nice day of play!


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