Euro Colour Collages

I took the two photos in Lucca, Italy where there are so many charming windows and rooftop gardens.  I used a shadow effect to make the photo appear have more depth. I love the little dove who dropped in just before I shot the photo.  Top right cute colorful Mason jars are from Etsy.

I found these three photos on Etsy

Love the warm colours of the buildings in my Portofino photos...its just a great place to take colorful photos of warm tones given the yellows, bisque, and shades of whites and pinks.

Photos of pink shades in France are from Etsy 

Le Orange colours, very pretty, again from Etsy, as well as the photos below.

There's not a lot of bright colour variations in Pompeii but I love the textured whites and greys...this is a fabulous place to visit and a highlight of any trip. We spent a half day in Pompeii and Herculaneum.  


The old Roman ruins near the Forum

I took this photo of Leeds Castle in England in the springtime...great place to visit and photograph.

My photo of Venice that I lightened for a chic look.

Levanto, It. and sleeping cats in the Cinque Terre.  Coloured Mason jars from Etsy.

The Perfumerie in Capri, Italy, where you can make your own perfume scent just like Sophia, Audrey and Giada.

This is the beautiful Grand Royal Hotel in Sorrento where we stayed while visiting the quaint town of Sorrento.  I used a focal point effect to highlight the wisteria flowers.


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