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I came across a colorful article in Italy Mag featuring the top ten colour shades of Italy from Naples Yellow to Schiaparelli pink, the famous fashion designer I studied in art school.  Naples yellow includes various shades of yellow that artists used in painting.                                                              
See more of earth-rich Sienna, the most widely used pigment of the Master artists; Venetian Red, Celeste Blue and more popular, inspiring colors of Italy here...

Beautiful Naples yellows with Mt. Vesuvius in background

Pompeii ruins

Pompeiian Red was used in murals in Ancient Roman cities, including Pompeii, which is how it got its name. It is sometimes called Ercolano red, although strictly speaking, Ercolano red is a red ochre obtained in the vicinity of Ercolano, which was known as Herculaneum in Roman times. 

I used my Lake Como plate to emphasize the colours of the area.

Colours of Orvieto

Rennaisance Sienna, noticeably used throughout everywhere including the Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Portofino, is one of the favorite artist's colours of Italy.  The yellow-brown colour refers to a pigment named after the Tuscan city where it was used by artists during the Renaissance. When heated the pigment becomes a reddish brown and is referred to as burnt sienna. 

Celeste Blue (sky turquoise blue) shades are seen in the seas and skies of Italy. This color is so cool and soothing.

Ferrari Red in London

Venetian Red is a warm red pigment mined from a quarry near Venice. This colour is noted throughout Venice and Italy.

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See the Top Ten Shades of Italy article from Italy Mag here


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