Pompeii The Movie and the Real Pompeii


The movie about Pompeii....the poster lettering is done in Pompeii Red, 
one of the most essential colors in Italian painting history.

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The eruption from the movie

Mt. Vesuvius in background looking from Naples

Apt. Therapy

Pompeii Red the pigment used for so many years...this fresco was uncovered in Pompeii
Perhaps this was taken from the area I photographed below where pompeii paint is still visible.

Some of the real structures in the Pompeii main city center

One of two colosseums in Pompeii

Inside one of the colosseums

Not only was the town of Pompeii destroyed but also Herculaneum and other cities in the area.

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Mt. Vesuvius (left) from Sorrento from our hotel.


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