Big Night Movie

A lighthearted movie about two brothers as Italian chefs who run a flailing restaurant. Although filmed in 1996, the setting was the 60's which reminded me of visiting with my Italian family.  There I learned about the routine gatherings where everyone socializes around the much loved meal.  Stanley Tucci and Isabella Rosselini are outstanding in their roles.  Continue to see more of the kitchen, food and movie...

 Their quintessential kitchen had an 8 burner gas stove to be envied. 

Isn't that a great old farmhouse sink?  Together, the brothers cook up some great dishes in hopes that Louis Prima is coming for dinner.

The brothers and Marc Anthony, left, prep meals through much of the movie.

A feast is born in anticipation of Mr. Prima...

Their friends are ready for the huge night dining on a five course meal.

 Minnie Driver, Allison Janney also starred.

No spoiler alert here, the movie ended with even more cooking on that great stove..


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