The Best of Ciaotraveler's Charming Euro Flowers

My most "pinned" photo on Pinterest:  Monterosso, Cinque Terre, It.

It's difficult to select the best or favorite floral photos that I've taken on my Euro travels, however, I was recently up for this challenge.  I even added some from my other locations.   I hope you enjoy these photos.  Check out more information and travel tips from these locations by entering the specific location in the "search" button.

 The town of Malahide, Ireland is filled with lovely flowers having a perfect climate by the sea.

Lugano, Switzerland
A most delightful old world town with great shopping, markets and beautiful flowers.

A local vendor in Milan, Italy

Marina del Rey, CA. (due to its perfect climate for growing flowers)

I used a fancy app to make this Capri photo in the Augustine Gardens.

Lugano Farmer's Market

Lugano Market

Cortona, Italy
A very charming Italy hilltop town

Florence, Italy
A local vendor

Piazza in Lugano
The area is full of richly colored blooming flowers

Malahide, Ireland

Even the train station in Malahide flaunts flowers!

The Palace Bar, Dublin Ireland

The Hairy Lemon Bar, Dublin

Malahide, Ireland

Among the many lone but beautiful planted flowers in Kilkenny, Ireland

                          Venice, Italy                                                           Washington, DC

Outside London


I included the Windsor Castle, England, gardens because of the nuptials of Harry and Meghan.

Leed's Castle, England
The blossoms I was able to capture framed the beautiful castle

Bellagio, Italy
The floral capital of Northern Italy

Hotel De Haro, San Juan Island
Northern American

The ultimate romantic gardens, Buchart Gardens, Victoria

Roblar Winery, Santa Ynez, CA. Fall Display
The central coast of California is ideal for growing gorgeous flowers.

The Apple Farm, San Luis Obispo, CA. always the best florals on display

Venice, CA. Artist's home flowers.

The town/island of Capri takes great pride in their potted flowers. 
These are located in the main square in Capri. 

Canterbury, England
Very small, historic town where one can relax while visiting the famous Cathedral

Lucca Italy and Pienza,

Most of the old world hilltop town residents take great pride in displaying their flowers.

Lucca, Italy

Pienza Italy, a quaint hilltop town in Tuscany.

Winery in Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy

Two photo selections from Portofino, Italy, a picturesque Italian Riviera town.


Linn's Farm in Cambria, CA.

Positano, Italy

The flower house on the hill in Positano, Italy
The most lovely hillside town along the Amalfi Coast filled with colorful floral varieties.

Gardens at the Carthusia Parfumerie in Capri (island).

Positano, Italy, beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

St. Augustine Gardens, Capri

Portofino and Orvieto, Italy


Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy is filled with gorgeous flowers!

Always freshly planted flowers (usually yellow and red) at the Roman Forum in Rome.


Bergamo, Italy is a quintessential hilltop town north of Milano.  
This town is easy to access via the train.



Cortona, Italy (love the wine cork curtains)

Florence street florist

Just loved this lace shop in Orvieto.

Pienza, Tuscany, Italy

Check out any of the these cities/towns on my site by using the search bar or by clicking on the main page photos.  There are some great day trips in Italy to explore as well.  Ciao!



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