Trust, the Movie

The movie, Trust. was based on the 1973 kidnapping of sixteen year old, J.Paul Getty III, heir to the Getty Oil Trust.  Audley End House in England (above) was used as the residence of J.Paul Getty I.
It's a tragic drama but one worth watching for the history and beautiful landscapes. The filming locations were in the United Kingdom and Italy (my favorite countries).

Many of the England scenes were filmed at the Long Hall in Hatfield House.

Donald Sutherland and Brenden Frazier, star

 Image by Macorig

Above is a ruin in Tivoli near Rome where J.Paul Getty negotiated a "deal" with the kidnappers.  Below is town of Calabria where many scenes were filmed.

                                                                           Calabria photo by Alby3

Some of the scenes were filmed in Rome such as the Piazza Venezia

I've been able to visit the Piazza Venezia on my trips to Rome...

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