Euro "Markets" and Dining

The Cinque Terre 

The markets are full of local gastronomic delights and great products from Europe. Almost every city will have an outdoor market day each week featuring great foods, clothing and leather products and many other bargains.  Florence has one of the largest markets that includes streets of leather vendors.

florence pictures, perini market florence

Florence's Central Market was the largest we visited where you could purchase anything.

Fresh Loaves of Bread in a Basket
Milan seafood and pasta dinner with Limoncello appertif

Pisa coconut slices on ice with a Leaning Tower in background

Portofino market on one of the small streets

 Lucca Candle and Soap Factory Store

Lucca Bread and Cheese

Monterosso Floral Shop

Paris Market

Piensa, Italy Wine Shop

 Fattoria de'Barbi Winery Tuscany

Wine tasting inside the Winery

            Piensa, Italy                                       Erbario Beauty Products, Lucca

Vernazza Cafe (yellow building) where fresh fish is featured..common for the Cinque Terre.

Montmarte, Paris market

 Harrod's London

Whiskey Shop Edinburgh, Scotland

 Pubs In London

 Rusticanella Trattoria .....mmmmm...miss the food.  Lucca

Many evenings we'd join Maestro Del Monte for dinner at Trattoria De Leo in the center of Lucca (their photos).

A very lovely dinner provided by our host at a hill top family run restaurant above Lucca and Pisa.

Portofino, Italy (cafe's photo)

Venice Ristorante

Murano glass in Italy

Coffee bars are everywhere but remember if you take it away from the bar, you pay more money. Cin Cin!

Trattoria Cavour, Levanto Italy and Lucca, Italy (Maestro John)

Bellagio by Jelena
Bellagio, Lake Como

Paris Floral Shop

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