Gold n' Grapes and Henry VIII

Gold and Grapes and...

The Vatican rotunda upper left, Portofino, Milan Fashion Center; Mistral products

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Canterbury Cathedral, England, Harrod's windows, and Eiffel Tower right


                    Forum, Rome                                                         Lulu Splendor

Bellagio, Lake Como

The Grand Hotel, Bellagio, Lake Como

Venice St. Mark's Square                                       Chicmaison

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               ...and Henry VIII
 Hampton Court Palace
With modern day Royal weddings and history of Kings and scandals, the Brits are still the glitzy royals of Europe.  Fit for a bling-lust King, no one was supposed to be more "dressed" than the King.  Many different kinds of gold threads were hand embroidered for King Henry VIII's clothing.  There is even an Embroidery School on site at Hampton Court, the King's favorite palace.  When we visited, the guides talked about  Anne Bolin haunting the Palace--seen walking down the large staircase in the foyer.  However, there is recent sitings and photos on the internet showing Henry VIII "walking through doors" in a courtyard. The six wives (queens consort) of King Henry VIII were, in order:

      My vintage photos of one of Hampton Palace (Henry's favorite) and gardens above


The Mime at the Louvre                                      

                                            Bow by OoohLaFa etsy

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