Cooking Channel's Extra Virgin Couple Still Cookin'

I recently caught the dynamic duo, Extra Virgin's Gabriele and Debi, on the Cooking Channel prepare a local dish for an audience in Tuscany.  Talk about stressed, poor Gabriele was nervous but did a great job preparing the shrimp and zucchini dish with risotto for the crowd.  He is testing dishes to share as authentic recipes from the the Tuscany region.  Debra also shares Gabriele's love of Tuscan cooking and chef duties, but is known as an actress as a regular on HBO's Entourage series.  More...  

Gabriele Corcos is from Tuscany and learned his cooking skills from his grandmother.


Debi (Mazur) fits right into cooking with her husband, Gabriele.  They're hoping to move to Tuscany to manage their acreage and cook full time.  Currently, they live in Los Angeles.

One of the audience enjoys the meal.

The couple owns property near Florence and plan on developing the olive oil groves for cooking and health/beauty products in the future. 

Extra Virgin Cooking Show
The couple is featured in my Olive Oil post here and my 
Italian American Chefs at Home here although they've moved since then...

I'd love to hear your comments or favorite recipe of theirs. Ciao!


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