Photo Tips for Posts and Blogs (Easy Apps)

These four photo variations are all created from the original rose photo in the upper left using the easy Vintique app, an app for collage and frames for the iPad.  There are different effects and frames to make the photo appear more interesting.  I like the...
range of options on some of the apps. You really have to try them to know which one benefits your needs. Many do the same functions so you may be able to find one that does everything you want. But I keep at least 10 different photo apps to try different techniques depending on what effect I'm trying to achieve. Of course some apps are used more for personal photo albums and some photo shop programs are more advanced.

This was on one collage option using the Pixlr photo editor.  My photo is of the Giorgio Boutique Hotel in Portofino, It. (see my Cottages and Colors post here)

This photo of wild turkeys was taken with my iPhone from a distance.  It wasn't a very good photo because I was too far away, however, it was special because it was on my parents' ranch.  Perfect Image is the app I used to crop, format a collage and convert the lower photo into an "oil" painting.

My friend Shana, sent me this lovely photo of the beautiful Sierras and allowed me to use it for the blog.  Again, I used Perfect Image app on my iPhone.  I changed the effects and added the text.  The color is fine without the changes, however, I like the greenier look for Christmas.

The old photo of my brother Matt, left, is faded so I worked with the color and and was able to get it to the quality on the right.  I'd like less "noise" in the photo and will use a more advanced program to finish this photo.  I used the Pixlr Photo Editor for this work and filled in the missing corners.  

These were just a few easy apps that are available on iPad and iPhone.  There are more advanced photo programs such as the Microsoft Picture It!, Photoshop, Giimp and more.

I'd like to know what you're using.  Please drop me a comment. 
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