The UK's Painting Princess, Annie Sloan

                                                                                                                                                      Victoria Mag

Annie Sloan chalk paints may have taken the US by storm, but did you know she's also an artist, author and teacher?  Yes, she's a real person and along with her family, they've created a chalk paint empire directly from the UK. 

Read about Annie Sloan's inspiring business ventures in Victoria Magazine and see the detailed article in “Brush with Brilliance” on page 101 of the September 2016 issue of Victoria Magazine.

I love to see artists working in their creative studios.  Here is Annie in her Oxford studio...

Annie's webpage here

See more artist studios I've featured in my journey's....Venice Beach

Left: John DelMonte, Artist, Lucca, Italy post here

Rt.: A skilled craftsman in Florence Italy in Piazza Spirito near the Point Vecchio.



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