David Rocco's Amalfi Fresh Mozzarella Show

Oh that chef-family-man, David Rocco was on TV today again pushing his Italian cooking!  I just had to watch because he's so charming and well uh, you know, an inspirational Italian chef of simple authentic Italian cuisine.  He was featuring an Amalfi Coast area farmer who creates hearty and creamy Bufalo Mozzarella.   Now, this isn't just mozzarella--it drips cream when you squeeze a mound of the fresh stuff!  More...

Thanks to great chef's like David Rocco spreading the word of awesome food made with olive oil. This oil's consumption has gone up 37% in Southern Europe and 100% in North America according to research.

After touring the buffalo barn (yes, its really buffalo's milk) and the kitchen where the mozzarella is prepared, David cooked up a bread, cheese and tomato dish called caponata.

Glorious Amalfi is a great place to enjoy cheese or anything from the area...

He's just preparing his capponata dish (above) in front of the gorgeous marina.

 Fresh mounds of the famous cheese that sorta looks like boiled egg!

When you get tired of eating great cheese (yeah, right), 
just hang out at the wonderful beach.

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